Top 8 Places to Visit in Gir with Your Family

Places to Visit in Gir


Gir, a picturesque destination known for its rich biodiversity, offers a perfect setting for a family getaway. As families increasingly seek meaningful experiences, Gir stands out as a top choice with its diverse attractions. From wildlife safaris to historical landmarks, this article will guide you through the top 8 places to visit in Gir with your family.

Sasan Gir National Park

Safari Adventures in the Wild

Sasan Gir National Park, the home of the Asiatic lions, is a must-visit for families seeking an exhilarating wildlife experience. The park not only boasts majestic lions but also offers captivating safari adventures where families can witness a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Tip: Book a morning safari for the best wildlife sightings.

Somnath Temple

Spiritual Sojourn for Families

Steeped in history and spirituality, Somnath Temple is a destination that seamlessly blends cultural exploration with family bonding. The serene atmosphere and architectural marvels provide a unique experience for families, making it an ideal place to visit in Gir.

Don’t miss: Attend the evening aarti for a divine experience.

Diu Island

Sun, Sand, and Family Fun

For a perfect family day out, Diu Island offers pristine beaches and a range of water activities. The island also features historical sites and forts, providing a delightful mix of relaxation and exploration for families.

Family Tip: Pack a picnic and spend the day at Nagoa Beach.

Gir Interpretation Zone

Educational Wildlife Experience

Tailored for families, Gir Interpretation Zone offers an educational yet thrilling experience. Here, families can learn about wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying interactive exhibits. It’s a great place for children to develop an appreciation for nature.

Interactive Fun: Engage in the wildlife quiz with your family.

Devalia Safari Park

Up-Close Encounters with Wildlife

For families looking for a more controlled wildlife experience, Devalia Safari Park provides a unique opportunity. With caged buses ensuring safety, families can get up-close views of lions, leopards, and various other species.

Safety First: Follow the park guidelines for a secure experience.

Kankai Mata Temple

Cultural and Family Bonding

Immerse your family in the cultural richness of Gir by visiting Kankai Mata Temple. The rituals and events are family-friendly, allowing everyone to participate and connect with the local traditions.

Family Tradition: Tie a thread for good luck at the temple.


Historical Marvels for All Ages

Junagadh, with its historical landmarks and architectural wonders, provides a captivating journey through time. Families can explore forts, palaces, and other sites, offering an enriching experience for all members.

Family Fun Fact: Look for unique carvings at the Uparkot Fort.

Adventure Park

Thrills for the Whole Family

For families seeking an adrenaline rush, Gir’s Adventure Park is the perfect spot. With a variety of thrilling activities suitable for different age groups, it ensures an exciting day out for the entire family.

Must-Try: Ziplining and rope courses for an adventurous challenge.

Nalsarovar Lake

Birdwatching Extravaganza

Nature-loving families will appreciate the serene beauty of Nalsarovar Lake. Birdwatching opportunities abound, and boating on the lake provides a peaceful yet exciting experience for families.

Birdwatching Tip: Carry binoculars for a closer look at the avian wonders.

Local Cuisine

Culinary Delights for Families

No family trip is complete without savoring the local cuisine. Gir offers a variety of dishes, from traditional Gujarati fare to delectable street food. Family-friendly restaurants make dining an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Must-Try: Dhokla, Khandvi, and the local delicacy Fafda.

Accommodation Options

Comfortable Stays for Families

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for a pleasant family trip. Gir provides family-friendly hotels and resorts, ensuring a comfortable stay. Look for options with amenities catering to the needs of children and adults alike.

Tip: Book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Cultural Festivals

Celebrate with the Locals

Plan your visit during local cultural festivals to add a vibrant touch to your family trip. Participate in celebrations, witness traditional performances, and engage with the local community for a truly immersive experience.

Mark Your Calendar: Check festival dates before planning your trip.

Travel Tips

Plan Your Family Adventure

  1. Best Time to Visit: Consider visiting Gir during the winter months for pleasant weather and optimal wildlife sightings.
  2. Packing Essentials: Pack sunscreen, hats, comfortable clothing, and insect repellent for a hassle-free trip.
  3. Safety Precautions: Follow all guidelines provided by parks and attractions to ensure the safety of your family.


In conclusion, Gir stands as an ideal destination for families seeking a harmonious blend of wildlife, culture, and adventure. With these top 8 places to visit, your family is sure to create lasting memories in this enchanting region.

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